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40 Mins

The Sea Safari Rib Ride is a boat trip that allows passengers to stop and view the various different lighthouses, beaches and wildlife found around St Ives Bay.

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25 Mins

This is an exhilarating Rib Ride around the beautiful St. Ives coastline and surrounding areas. Passengers on this boat trip will be in awe as our fully fledged powerhouse RIB boat accelerates, pulls turns and slices through the mighty blue seas.




Our skippered Private Charter offers you the opportunity to choose what you want to do. The boat is totally yours and at your command.

Blue Thunder Rib rides

Blue Thunder Ribs Boat Trips St Ives

Our rib rides are perfect boat trips if you’re looking for a safe and thrilling time out on the water. We can provide an unrivalled blast around the magnificent Cornish coastline, an up close encounter with some of the most beautiful and refined creatures in the sea or an epic sightseeing session with your friends and family aboard one of our high powered ribs, Blue Thunder or Blue Lightning.

Explore Cornwall the correct way, from the ocean. There’s plenty to do so we provide various different boat trips such as leisurely sightseeing tours, thrilling high speed rib rides and fun-filled VIP private charters. Our boat trips will take you safely around Saint Ives Bay, passing many famous landmarks and beaches as well as pointing out some spectacular views and wildlife.

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Our fleet of performance Rib boats are equipped to the highest level with cutting edge technology such as the engines and navigation systems to provide a safe experience for all. The boats are highly seaworthy and can reach great speeds in addition to this they can pull off fast turns and manoeuvres and corner extremely well for a thrill seeking passenger. Our highly experienced crew are fully qualified, well trained and are more than happy to deal with any needs or queries you may have during your boat trip.

Saint Ives is one of the most popular and recognised towns in Cornwall attracting large numbers of holiday makers and tourists due to the picturesque scenery and beautiful beaches. Our trips are jaw-dropping and will leave you in awe for the rest of your holiday! Boat trips are dependent on weather conditions and state of tides.


Just like having your own private boat with a skipper to take the strain.

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“This is NOT your average boat trip. I HIGHLY recommend you put your doubts to the side and go for it, you will NOT be disappointed. Whilst out on our trip, we were extremely lucky to see Cornish grey seals in their natural habitat, AND dolphins, including a baby!”

“The warm, relaxed, welcome we received from those members selling the tickets, to the gentleman piloting the rib were an added plus to the whole experience. I probably should point out, lifejackets are provided, and we had a very young girl on our trip who seemed to enjoy it too.”

We are regulated and inspected by Maritime Authorities.

Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA)
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Blue Thunder Rib rides

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